The Better Water Maker™

The Better Water Maker™ (BWM), designed for use in the developing world, kills water microbes by using ultraviolet light. Water is prefiltered with a carbon filter, then travels through a column containing a germicidal ultraviolet light bulb. The water flow is controlled to make sure there is enough exposure to the UV light to kill E.coli bacteria. The device sounds an alarm if it does not have the proper UV light treatment. The lightweight durable plastic units are easily movable and can be used by numerous families, schools, churches, and medical centers.


The BWM will produce safe drinking water:

  • as much or little water as needed
  • anytime, immediately
  • anywhere- it is very portable
  • easily with minimal maintenance and consumables

How it Works

  1. To prolong the life of your unit, we recommend prefiltering turbid/dirty water through a cloth filter into a bucket.
  2. Place the The Better Water Maker™ UV pump into the water in the bucket.
  3. Connect to the power source (wall plug, battery or car adaptor).
  4. Turn switch on
  5. Starts in seconds and produces 1 liter of water per minute

Learn More:

Download the manual (pdf).




Using the Better Water Maker

Cleaning the Better Water Maker

Testing the Water