About B9 Plastics

B9 Plastics is a not for profit company dedicated to social and environmental improvement through the use of plastics. Currently, we are working on many solutions which involve water treatment, beneficial uses of commingled plastic, and human generated power. Our primary project has been the Better Water Maker™ UV water treatment device.

Along with developing the Better Water Maker™ and preparing for large scale distribution, B9 Plastics is creating additional products that can be used in conjunction with the Better Water Maker. We regularly collaborate with local universities and businesses, gaining perspective as we pursue new opportunities, and further develop existing ones.

Product Portfolio:

The Better Water Maker™ (BWM)

BWM is a water treatment device that destroys water microbes by exposing it to germicidal ultraviolet light. Water is prefiltered then pumped through a column containing a germicidal ultraviolet light bulb where it is exposed for a specific amount of time. Potable water is delivered in seconds. The device can be powered through a traditional wall plug (110/220), 12 v adaptor, or optional rechargeable battery. The lightweight durable plastic units are easily movable and can be used by numerous individuals, families, or other organizations like schools, churches and medical centers.

Designed, developed and tested over 10 years and 18 countries around the world, the Better Water Maker™ is now in its final production phase. It is available in small or large quantities. Contact us for more information about individual or group sales.

Human Generated Power

We have developed a partner for our Better Water Maker™. This is a cart that when pulled generates power, stored in a battery for later use in powering the Better Water Maker™. This cart will also alleviate the enormous physical strain that is typically endured in carrying water from its source, back to the home. This product is currently in the prototype phase of development.

Ecostones: A Beneficial Use of commingled Plastics

We have developed a unique jack-shaped product made of scrap plastic materials that has twice the surface area and twice the voids of dolomite. While a typical cattail filtration system to remediate parking lot runoff (i.e., pollutants such as salt and oil), the cattail roots, and associated, microorganisms live in the vast surface areas and voids of the Ecostones, instead of soil.

The efficiency of these Ecostones has been proven by A/B tests of side-by-side dolomite vs. Ecostone for water treatment in ponds. Check out the study done by Brockport University.